You can book a vehicle either via the web portal or via the App installed on your smartphone.
You must indicate the period in which you intend to use the service and the parking lot from which you want to pickup and drop-off the vehicle; the system will provide you with the most suitable vehicle for your journey.
Before the scheduled start time of the journey, you will be notified of the license plate number of the assigned vehicle. Through the App you can see all the information on the vehicle and how to reach it.
When you are in front of the vehicle you can open it from the App by reading the QR-Code on the windshield. After verifying your booking, the system opens the car doors, allowing you to enter the vehicle and begin your journey. You will found the keys inside the car.
Check that this is the vehicle that was assigned to you and that your booking is correct. If you have problems, call the call center directly from the App.
Once you have picked up the vehicle, drive the car normally. If you need to stop, lock the vehicle with the keys and take them with you.
If you have the App, open it and select your journey. Enter the expected delay and the reason. If you don't have the App, you can do the same operation via the web portal.
When you have completed your journey, go back to the pick-up parking lot, turn off the car and check that everything is in order. Leave the keys in the glove compartment and get out of the vehicle.
From the App, select the drop-off operation. The system will indicate the steps to conclude the rental and remind you to lock the car by reading the QR-code.
Check that you have closed the doors and are in the correct pick-up area. If you still have problems, call the call center directly from the App.
You can cancel your booking by logging in to your account using the App or the web portal.
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